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WQ horizontal air screen

Release time:2018-01-29 10:46

WQ horizontal air screen prototype picture:
WQ horizontal air screen
WQ horizontal air screen working principle:
This screen is a cylindrical device, is arranged in the machine body, the screw conveying system, mixing and atomization and flow into a net barrel; the net wind wheel blade cylinder make the material and by the centrifugal force and the cyclone propelling force, thereby forcing the material is sprayed over the net, by discharging the fine material discharge port, not the net material along the cylinder wall from the coarse material discharge.
Performance characteristics of WQ horizontal air screen:
1. the whole machine is small, light, smooth, no vibration, no noise, good sealing performance, no dust, high efficiency,
2. shell structure is novel, easy to install and easy to control.
3. can be used by single or multi machine, running continuously for a long time, safe and reliable.
4. screen net by the whirlwind scour, can automatically clear the net.
5. of the lump material has the function of re breaking.
6. new type of outer spherical bearing, prolong the service life.
7. the machine can be matched with the pneumatic conveying system, directly into the wind road, and save the resources.
8. new design; gas protection system can transfer the purified air to the two ends of the device, can effectively reduce the temperature of the equipment in the operation process; forming gas isolation layer on the bearing, so as to prevent dust entering, effectively prolong the service life of the bearing, reduce maintenance frequency, improve work efficiency.
9. can be specially designed; net tube self rotation system to meet special needs.
WQ horizontal air screen suitable for Industry:
It is used in metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metal powder and non metal industries.
WQ horizontal air screen technical parameters:
WQ horizontal air screen technical parameters

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