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Fault analysis and treatment method for vibration sieves

发布时间:2018-03-15 10:02

According to the principle of fracture mechanics, the vibrating screen is bent and fatigued during the working process of screen frame, resulting in local deformation or cracking of screen frame and side panel. There are several main reasons for the failure of vibrating screen in the use of vibrating screen.
1. Damping spring failure
Spring after long-term use, because the rubber aging or long-term stress and make the spring permanent deformation of the spring failure caused by the vibration sieve 4 groups of damping spring seat pivot level of different parts, lead to vibrating screen amplitude is inconsistent, resulting in crack or parts of shaker link connector joint crack.
Solution: the damping spring should be checked regularly, and the spring material is generally chosen 60Si2MnA, and the hardness of heat treatment should reach HRC45-50.
2. There is deviation in the quality of eccentric wheel of the exciter.
The eccentric wheel vibration exciter is the role of the vibrating screen vibration, its quality directly affects the amplitude of vibrating screen, the deviation of the eccentric mass, dispersed vibration force generated at run time, reflected in the vibration sieve body, for each part of the amplitude of the vibration sieve is inconsistent, caused by joint vibration crack or connection weld cracking.
The solution is to control the deviation of the eccentric wheel quality on the vibrator and check the wear condition regularly.
3. There is no overlap between the eccentric and the natural gravity line.
Install the exciter, connected with the universal coupling vibration exciter, drive shaft torque, there will be corresponding to the eccentric plumb line and natural plumb line do not overlap, resulting in the rotation of the eccentric wheel is not synchronized, each part of the amplitude vibrating screen vibrating screen appear inconsistent, connecting parts or fittings welding crack mouth cracking.
The solution is to install the exciting vibrator and check the coincidence of the eccentric wheel and the natural vertical vertical line. Check out regularly.

4. It is not suitable for the exciter eccentric.
Eccentric wheel weight is not suitable, it will also make the amplitude of the vibrating screen unbalanced. If the counterweight block is increased too much, the amplitude will exceed the allowable value, which will cause the vibration part of the vibrating screen to crack or the crack of the connecting piece.
Solution: according to the vibrating screen factory parameters, strictly according to the standard setting eccentric wheel weight, regular inspection.
5. Sieve plate thin
The fracture of the sieve frame may also be the cause of the sieve plate thinning.
Solution: the best way to solve the problem is to properly thickened plate, or near the side of the vibrator plate to enhance the local increase of body rigidity, so that the screen frame is not easy to tremble and fracture. Repair welding, weld to along the longitudinal direction of the sieve frame, and definitely not a transverse weld tube, or more from the transverse weld beam fracture.
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