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The difference between a circular vibrating screen and a lin

发布时间:2018-03-14 16:40

There are many classifications of vibrating screen. According to the track of material, it can be divided into circular vibrating screen and straight screen. Fine screening machine is applied less in breaking mill. We don't make much comparison here. There is no essential difference between the structure and the structure of the circular vibrating screen and the linear vibrating screen. The material is screened through the vibration of the screen surface, but the difference of the vibration track will directly affect the purpose of screening.

Different working principles
1. working principle of circular vibrating screen
The motor drives the eccentric block vibration generated by high-speed rotation through the triangle belt, great centrifugal force of inertia, excited circular motion amplitude sieve boxes have a certain material on the sieve, the screen box to the impulse in the sieve surface tilt and produce a continuous casting movement, material and process of meet screen surface the particles less than sieve through the sieve, in order to achieve classification.
2. working principle of linear vibrating screen
Use vibration motor as vibration source, the materials is thrown up on the screen, at the same time for linear motion, the material feeding from the feeder evenly into the screen, screen material, produced a number of specifications through multi-layer screen material were discharged from their respective export.
Difference contrast
1. motion trajectory
The material on the circular vibrating screen is circular motion, and the material on the line screen moves straight forward.
2. exciter
The circular vibrating screen, because the exciter is a shaft, uses inertia motor to work, so it is also called single axis vibrating screen. The linear vibrating screen vibrator is made up of two axes, and it works on the principle of vibration motor excitation, so it is also called two axis vibrating screen.
3. hole phenomenon
The material of the circular vibrating screen is parabolic and circular track on the screen surface, so that the material can be dispersed as much as possible, thus improving the jumping ability of materials, and the material that is stuck in the sieve can also jump out, thus reducing the phenomenon of blocking.
4. installation arrangement
Because the angle of the sieve surface is small, the height of the sieve is reduced, which is convenient for the process arrangement.
5. sifting angle
According to the particle size of the material, the circular vibrating screen can change the angle of the sieve surface, thus the movement speed of the material along the screen surface is changed, and the processing quantity of the screen machine can be improved. Generally speaking, the angle of the sieve surface of the linear vibrating screen is smaller in production.
6. material
In general, the plate used in the production of circular vibrating screen is thicker, and the box is made of manganese steel to resist the impact of material in the screening process. The main material of the linear vibrating screen is light plate or stainless steel sheet.
7 application areas
The circular vibrating screen is mainly used to screen materials with big ratio, large particle and high hardness. It is widely used in mine, coal, quarry and other mines.
Linear sifting is mainly composed of fine particles, light weight and low hardness materials, mainly dry powder, fine grained or micro powder materials, usually used widely in food, chemical industry, building materials and pharmaceutical industry.
8. processing ability
For the circular vibrating screen, as the exciter is arranged above the center of the screen box, the screen box at both ends of the long axis of the ellipse into eight shaped, and the upper end to the long axis of the ellipse toward the discharge direction, is conducive to the material quickly spread, and the discharging end of the long axis of the ellipse top against the discharging direction, reduce material movement speed, is conducive to the difficult to screen material through the screen, and the screen surface of the circular arc and increase the effective area of the screening machine, so as to improve the processing ability.
In addition, for the difficult screening material, the circular vibrating screen can turn the spindle, so that the direction of vibration is opposite to the direction of material movement, and the velocity of material moves along the screen surface.
9. environmental protection
The linear vibrating screen can adopt a completely closed structure, without dust overflow, which is more conducive to the protection of the environment.
In the field of mine breaking, circular vibrating screen is used more. In actual production, the choice of circular vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen mainly depends on the material types and application fields of users. The purpose of screening is different, and the equipment selected is also different.
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