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Fault analysis and treatment of vibrating screen exciter

发布时间:2018-03-12 16:24

Vibrator is vibration sieve body vibration source, amplitude can be adjusted by weight, vibrator, centrifugal force generated by eccentric mass selection as the exciting force, when the two-axis excitation device for synchronous rotation, make reciprocating linear vibrating screen box, the material by the sun surface gap to screening, screening of the finished product mine.
In general, there are several cases of the exciter fault.
1. start up under  heavy loads
As a result of sudden shutdown due to production or other equipment failure, and full of mineral material in the screen box, if the vibrator is started again under heavy load, it will easily cause damage to the universal coupling and other components of the exciter.
Solution: the vibrating screen should be restarted under heavy load.

2. damage of vibration damping system
Such as the failure of the damping spring or the overabundance of the material under the sieve, the vibration damper system will not be coordinated, causing the damage of the vibrator.
Solution: we should check the damping spring regularly, replace the spring with failure in time, replace all the damping springs at the same time, and ensure the spring stiffness of each group before and after replacement.

3. installation quality problems during maintenance
In the process of maintenance and installation of exciter as the gap will lead to improper adjustment between the axial and radial vibration exciter and a motor, a universal coupling connection section and the exciter eccentric block relative position errors caused by vibration, vibration is too large to produce high temperature, seriously affect the normal work of vibrating screen.
Solution: the installation of 2 motors should try to choose the same type of motor with damping, the same time, to ensure that the two motor synchronous operation; exciter must ensure 2 motors running in the opposite direction before installing the motor; and the exciter must be in the same vertical plane, especially the exciter maintenance when a pair of simultaneous use of vibrator, the adapted eccentric quality to be consistent.

When overhauling and disassembling the vibrator, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. the disassembly and disassembly of the vibrator should be carried out at the clean site;

2. all parts before the assembly must be cleaned up, remove the burr;

3. the inner and outer ring of the bearing can not be struck directly;

4. before the assembly all mounting surfaces to be coated with lubricating oil, such as lithium grease;

5. check the sealing ring carefully, if there is aging or breakage, change it in time;

6. Load appropriate amount of lubricating oil such as lithium base grease;

7. the end face should be paid attention to when the Y sealing ring is assembled;

8. all bolts are fastened according to the regulations and fastened every one or two days at the beginning of the installation, more than three times in a row, and then checked every two days.
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