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Matters of attention in use of vibrating screen

发布时间:2018-01-31 11:28

The following points should be paid attention to in the use of vibrating screen:
One. The shape and size of a sieve. When cleaning up the big mixture, the sieve hole is equipped with too much impurity to reduce the effect, and the wheat with small holes will increase. In addition to small impurities, the bigger the sieve hole is, the more the wheat on the bottom is, and the smaller the sieve hole is, the less the impurity will be removed.
Two, the angle, speed and amplitude of the sieve surface are the main factors that determine the motion state and speed of the material. The greater the dip angle of the screen, or the higher the speed or the greater the amplitude, the faster the material flow rate. The faster the flow rate is, the shorter the time for the material to remain on the screen surface, the insufficient screening and the decrease of the screening efficiency. On the other hand, it can easily cause the accumulation of material on the screen, thus reducing the contact opportunity of the material and the sieve surface, and reducing the effect of the sifting.
Three, the flow is too large to cause the thickness of the material layer is not easy to produce classification, the screening effect is poor. The flow is too small and the material layer is too thin. The material is easy to produce beating, which affects the effect of the sieve. The wide flow rate of unit sieve is 40kg/ (cm. H) when cleaning large impurity.
Four, ensure that there is no sundries in the sieve hole. The sector direction of the calibration plate of the separator is corresponding to the slot inside the machine. The way of adjusting the dial can be adjusted to change the location of the slot, and the higher the location of the slot, the less material will fall into the slot. When removing the round miscellaneous, if the lower foot contains more grain, the trough should be reduced; when the long impurity is cleared, the trough should be reduced if the lower foot contains more grain. If the grain is long and complex, the trough should be raised. After adjusting the slot, the material of the discharge port can reach the new steady state after 5 ~ 10min. After seeing the adjustment effect and stabilizing the separation effect, the hand axle should be tightened to prevent the separation effect from changing the position of the slot. The selection machine also regularly clean up the grain and other impurities embedded in the bag hole, so as not to affect the effect of impurity removal.
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